Archiva BioLogistics Collection Kits & Clinical Supplies
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My site is in need of a centrifuge, can Archiva supply one?
A: Archiva has many partnerships with capital equipment and specialty supply companies. In most cases, if we do not have a particular item in stock we can purchase one for you at a negotiated rate.

Q: Can I send more than one patient’s samples in a shipment?
A: Yes, as long as the associated laboratory requisition form has been completed for all samples. Please separate each patient’s samples into separate specimen bags.

Q: I have incorrectly drawn a patient’s sample into a tube from another patient’s kit, what should I do?
A: Document what has happened as clearly as possible on the laboratory requisition form and detail how the sample should correctly be labelled. Do not attempt to replace or mark through the label of the incorrectly drawn sample by hand (this sample will be relabeled by Archiva upon arrival). Replace the incorrectly used tube from the patient’s kit using one of the spare tubes provided in the bulk supply.

Q: The tube for the last timepoint in my sample collection kit will expire before my patient’s last visit. What should I do?
A: In most cases, it is acceptable to switch out the expired collection tube with another tube on-site and utilize the extra label provided in the kit. Please contact your project manager for approval and notification.

Q: How do I obtain quality certificates and MSDS for clinical supplies?
A: Please contact [javascript protected email address].